Support from the Nordic ARC node

The Nordic ARC node provides support to ALMA users in the Nordic and Baltic countries, from proposal preparation to data reduction and analysis. In addition to general and specialist support services, we provide extra support to the community by planning special activities in connection with proposal deadlines, and offer to give seminars and tutorials at institutes in the Nordic region.

The support services provided are

  • proposal preparation and optimising observing setups.
  • proposal evaluation before submission, providing feedback on optimising your proposal.
  • data reduction and specialised analysis.
  • ALMA archive data retrieval and reduction.
  • Tutorials focused on proposal preparation, data reduction (CASA) and specialised analysis, both at Onsala Space Observatory or at your home institute (virtual support is also available).

How to get support from the Nordic ARC node

Face-to-face visit to the Nordic Node

You can visit us at the Nordic node for a direct face-to-face visit. A member of the node staff will sit down with you and directly help you with your project, from setting up the project in the ALMA OT, to enhanced data reduction. 

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The ALMA helpdesk

You can contact the Nordic ARC node through the ALMA helpdesk. Your question will be logged in the helpdesk and delegated to the appropriate person. Many questions are also already addressed in articles available on the helpdesk. The helpdesk is the official channel for getting help with ALMA observations, and ensures that your question is properly logged and tracked.

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Contact the Nordic Node directly

For less formal help requests you can also contact the Nordic ARC node directly. You can reach us by phone, email, or skype. 

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Specialist Support

Each of the European ARC nodes offers specialist scientific and technical expertise to the whole European ALMA community, in addition to general support services to its region. At the Nordic ARC this expertise includes imaging techniques such as multi-frequency synthesis and polarimetric imaging, optimised self-calibration and astrometry.

Chalmers University of Technology has an active astronomy group with an interest in many areas of ALMA enabled science, including ISM studies, star-formation, evolved-stars, nearby galaxies, AGN and high-redshift galaxies. Astronomers at Chalmers/Onsala also specialise in developing data analysis and modelling tools for astrochemistry and radiative transfer. Scientific collaborations between astronomy group/ARC node scientists and the wider community are welcome.

User-acknowledgements to the Nordic ARC

Users who receive support from the Nordic ARC node are required to put following acknowledgement in their publications:

AUTHOR NAME acknowledges support from the Nordic ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) node based at Onsala Space Observatory. The Nordic ARC node is funded through Swedish Research Council grant No 2017-00648.