News archive

2018 February 9: We will visit Nordic institutes in connection with the Cycle 6 call for proposals to support ALMA proposal preparation on an individual basis. Find out about our activities for Cycle 6 here.

2018 January 29: We updated our SD2vis tool for combining total power data with the ACA and main array to now also handle large mosaics. To download the tool, visit our Software-tools page.

2018 January 09: A new installment of Science Verification data is planned for release on 22 January 2018. More information can be found on the ALMA Science Portal.

2017 December 20: A pre-announcement for ALMA Cycle 6 has been released on the ALMA Science Portal.

2017 December 14: A user support position at the Nordic ARC node is available. Application deadline is on January 31, 2018. You can find the full announcement here.

2017 September 25: The configuration schedule for Cycle 5 has been updated. You can find the schedule here.

2017 September 25: PIs can now submit DDT proposals for Cycle 5. This was PIs can take advantage of the long baseline configuration at the beginning of the cycle. Find more information here.

2017 August 4: The results of the proposal review for ALMA Cycle 5 were announced last week. PIs of approved projects have to create their Phase 2 science goals by September 7, 2017 (15.00 UT). Find more information on the science portal.

2017 June 30: The task to compute visibilities from single-dish data, SD2Vis, has been updated. It now accepts fits files as input. Find the updated version under Software-tools.

2017 June 7: The deadline for the submission of approved projects is September 7, 2017. More information can be found on the science portal.

2017 May 2: The Special call for ACA stand-alone proposals will close on May 15 at 15.00 UT.

2017 April 21: The proposal archive is now open for the special call for ACA stand-alone proposals. Instructions on how to submit can be found here on the science portal.

2017 April 12: We have released a new tool to create synthesised visibilities from single-dish data. Find the task SD2vis on our software tools page.

2017 April 7: A special call for proposals for the ACA in stand-alone mode during the remainder of Cycle 4 has been issued. Proposal submission opens April 21. Find the full call for proposals here.

2017 March 21: The Call for proposals for ALMA Cycle 5 has been issued on the science portal. You can find the call here.

2017 February 3: The ALMA science portal has been restructured with a new design, making all information about ALMA easily accessible. 

2017 February 2: An update on the ALMA Cycle 5 capabilities, including baseline configuration information and Band 5 availability, is now available on the ALMA science portal.

2017 January 30: A new version (version 1.3) of PolConvert is now available for download under Software-tools.

2017 January 19: The solar science verification data is now available on the ALMA science portal SV page.

2017 January 9: A pre-announcement for ALMA Cycle 5 has been released on the ALMA science portal.

2017 January 9:  New Science verification data of observations in ALMA band 5 are available on the ALMA science portal SV page. A release of solar science verification data is planned for January 18.