Nordic ARC Cycle 9 Support Activities

The Nordic ARC is organising a series of online events to support you in the upcoming ALMA Cycle 9 Call for Proposals. Presentations will be linked below in due time:

All the events will be hosted online and are listed in our public calendar [ URL ] [ iCal ]. The duration of the events will be about one hour and Nordic ARC staff will remain available online for further questions. Besides these specific events, our staff will remain available anytime during this proposal preparation period, for help and support. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Subscribe to the Nordic ARC mailing list to not miss out our events and announcements.

I-TRAIN on Writing and Reviewing ALMA Proposals

The European ARC Network organised an I-TRAIN online training on Writing and Reviewing ALMA proposals. The recording is available in YouTube:

I-TRAIN Writing & Reviewing ALMA Proposals

This training was organised in view of the ALMA proposal deadline in April 2022, and could serve as a guideline for writing ALMA proposals and in particular anonymous proposals, including some tips and tricks. The training also offered guidelines on reviewing proposals and how to best give feedback. Presentation slides and solutions to the quiz can be found in this link.

Tutors: Violette Impellizzeri (Allegro), Andrea Corvillón(ALMA PHT, JAO) , MCarmen Toribio (Nordic ARC node), Romana Grossová (Czech ARC node)

European ARC Community Assembly

On the 24th of March 2022 at 11:00 CET the European ALMA Regional Center (ARC) is hosting the fifth virtual community assembly, in connection with the Cycle 9 Call for Proposals. At this community meeting, we will update you on Band 1, the ALMA GTO policies, the proposal review process and the Cycle 9 capabilities. We will also address all related questions at the Q&A session, right after the talks and will also answer any questions you may have on the support provided to European ALMA users from the European ARC network. The meeting can be accessed at this link: 

5th European ARC Community Assembly

ALMA Cycle 9 Call for Proposals

ALMA Cycle 9 observations will start in October 2022 and continue to September 2023. 

  • 24 March 2022: Release of the ALMA Cycle 9 Call for Proposals and Observing Tool, and opening of the archive for proposal submission
  • 21 April 2022: Proposal deadline 
  • August 2022: Results of proposal review sent to Proposers
  • 1 October 2022: Start of Cycle 8 2021 observations

All details will be available at

All information on the Cycle 9 Call for Proposals including capabilities and array configuration schedule is available in the ALMA Science Portal.

NOTE: Baselines longer than 8.5km and up to 16.2 km (configurations C-9 and C-10) will be offered in Cycle 9. These configurations will only be available again in Cycle 11.

ACA Standalone Supplemental Call will not be issued in Cycle 9.

Support from the Nordic ARC node

In order to make increased capabilities in ALMA Cycle 9 accessible to the entire Nordic astronomical community, we at the Nordic ARC node offer our help and support in planning, setting up, optimizing, and submitting your ALMA project. We encourage you to contact us early for tailored support.We are happy to support existing ideas, and in particular encourage the development of new projects to submit. Contact us for support at