ALMA Cycle 5 proposal results

The results for proposals for ALMA Cycle 5 were communicated to the PIs of all projects on July 27, 2017.

All PIs of approved projects are required to create their Phase 2 science goals by September 7, 2017 (15.00 UT).

More information on creating the Phase 2 materiel can be found on the ALMA science portal.

In Cycle 5 ALMA will offer

  • Band 5 observations
  • Full polarisation Band 4 and 5
  • 46% more observing time
  • At least 43 antennas
  • 16 km baselines

Support from the Nordic ARC node

Each approved project (grade A, B, and C) was assigned a contact scientist (CS). Projects from the Nordic regions were assigned CSs from the Nordic ARC node. The CS is there to help you with every step of the generation of Phase 2 material. If you have an approved project and need help, do not hesitate to contact your CS through the helpdesk ticket that was opened for you. 

The CS will also help you with minor changes to your proposal, and advise you on major change requests. 

Other support pathways

There are a number of different pathways to contact the Nordic node and to receive help with your proposal. You can use any of these pathways to

  • ask questions on ALMA in general.
  • ask about minor and major change requests.
  • ask questions on the OT and how to setup your project.
  • setup a face-to-face visit in Onsala or face-to-face support via skype.
  • ask questions on the proposal submission and selection procedure.
  • ask about any other issue you can think of!

Contact through the ALMA helpdesk
PIs of successful proposals were assigned a contact scientist at the Nordic ARC node, and a helpdesk ticket for communication was opened. You can find the helpdesk here.

Direct contact to the node
You can contact the node directly for support by sending us an email: You can also contact us by skype or find an ARC node member directly. See our contact page for full details.

A summary of the ALMA Cycle 5 key dates and capabilities